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Do you know how to make quick-frozen sweet corn to be delicious?

2020-11-20 09:49:09

Quick frozen sweet corn is an ingredient that many friends have at home so that they can cook it at home at any time. There are many methods of quick-frozen sweet corn, such as boiling, milking, steaming, etc. the taste is not much different from that of fresh corn. When storing quick-frozen sweet corn, pay attention to the temperature conditions to avoid the deterioration of quick-frozen sweet corn.

Quick frozen sweet corn steamed or boiled:

Steamed delicious, so that the quick-frozen sweet corn will be very sweet, because this fully prevents the sugar in the corn from losing to the water for cooking corn. If you think there are many stems, you should pay attention not to sell too old ones when buying corn, but it should be normal for corn to have a little stem, and too tender corn is not delicious.

How to cook quick-frozen sweet corn:

1. Peel off the thick skin on the outside of the quick-frozen sweet corn, leave 2 layers of thin skin on the inner layer, keep the corn whisker and wash;

2. Put the corn into the pot, add water, cover the surface of the corn, bring to a boil over high heat, and cook for 8 minutes.

3. The ripening time of quick-frozen sweet corn and sticky corn is different. If they are cooked in the same pot, after cooking for 8 minutes, first clip out the sweet corn, and then continue to cook sticky corn for 2 minutes;

4. The boiled quick-frozen sweet corn should be drained immediately. Don't soak it in the boiled corn water for a long time, otherwise the taste of corn won't be strong.

The water left by cooking corn is a treasure. Because there are corn whiskers, drinking heat and water can play a great role in health care.

How long can quick-frozen sweet corn be cooked after steaming in water:

Steam for 15-20 minutes after boiling. The corn steamed through water will not lose any nutrition.

Steamed corn:

1. Raw material: quick frozen sweet corn

2. Just clean the surface, because the corn inside is wrapped in a coat and is very clean. Soak the sweet corn for 1-2 hours first.

3. Add an appropriate amount of water into the electric rice cooker, and then steam the quick-frozen sweet corn in the steamer. Put some salt on the surface of the quick-frozen sweet corn. As for why to put salt, it is to make the sweet contained in the corn burst out during the cooking process. Steam the corn after boiling for 15-20 minutes

Quick frozen sweet corn is delicious when steamed, and the corn can't be steamed for a long time. Don't steam the corn for too long

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