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Why is the quick-frozen sweet corn kernel launched by Hengteng more and more popular

2020-11-20 09:49:09

In recent years, the more and more popular quick-frozen sweet corn (sweet corn) is a variety of corn, also known as vegetable corn and fruit corn. It is one of the primary vegetables in developed countries such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. Because of its rich nutrition and sweet, fresh, crisp and tender characteristics, it is deeply loved by customers. The quick-frozen sweet corn kernels launched by Tangshan Hengteng food are more and more liked by the masses.

Sweet corn has the same morphological characteristics as ordinary corn, but it is more nutritious than ordinary corn. It tastes delicious and sweet. It is suitable for steaming, baking and cooking (corn porridge, corn soup, soup, etc.), and can also process canned and corn juice drinks. Fresh ears are also directly edible and exported, and are deeply welcomed by customers.

In the processing process, it has been killed with high-temperature water, so do not fry for too long, but it must be fried thoroughly at high temperature. Therefore, when frying, you need to pay attention to the difference in order with other ingredients. There are many ways to fry corn kernels. It is a simple traditional and popular home dish. The nutrients in quick-frozen corn kernels have not been lost, which is also good for our health.

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