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Frozen sweet corn orfran

2021-09-07 09:25:39
Frozen sweet corn orfran

Sweet corn is divided into ordinary sweet corn, super sweet corn and enhanced sweet corn.

1. Ordinary corn

characteristic; The sugar content of grain is about 10%, which is twice higher than that of ordinary corn. It is waxy, and the starch content is about 35%, which is half lower than that of ordinary corn. The nutritional value is higher than that of ordinary corn. It tastes thin, sticky and fragrant. After dehydration and ripening, the kernels show a transparent shrinkage state, which is easy to distinguish from ordinary corn.

Use; It is used to process various types of canned sweet corn and can also be listed as green and tender corn.

2. Super sweet corn

characteristic; The sugar content can reach about 20%, the sweetness is strong, and the starch content is reduced to 18-20%. It has the outstanding characteristics of sweetness, crispness and fragrance, but it has no viscosity. After maturity and drying, it is concave and dry. The grain weight is only 1 / 3 of that of ordinary corn, which is easy to identify.

Use; At present, it is mainly listed as tender corn and used to process quick-frozen corn. It is generally used to process canned food.

3. Strengthen sweet corn

It is a new type with the advantages of both ordinary sweet corn and super sweet corn. Therefore, enhanced sweet corn is widely used. It can not only process all kinds of canned sweet corn, but also serve as green and tender corn or quick-frozen processing. It has a wide development prospect.

Frozen sweet corn

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