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Take you to understand the processing process of quick-frozen soybeans

2020-11-20 09:49:09

Tangshan Hengteng food takes you to know the processing process of quick-frozen soybeans

1. Raw material acceptance: harvest when the pods are crisp and tender and there is little fiber. Too late or too early will affect the quality. Transport and process them in time after purchase.

2. Air separation: mechanically blow away the mixed branches and leaves, too light thin and shriveled pods and other non plant impurities in the pods.

3. Selection: pick out unqualified beans, moth eaten beans, deformed beans, leaves and other foreign matters.

4. Cleaning: clean the stains on the surface of soybean pods in the pool, and remove bean leaves, bean branches and other foreign matters at any time.

5. Blanching: the water temperature is 98-100 ℃, the blanching time is 85 seconds, subject to the inhibition of oxidase activity. At this time, the bean meat is bright green and the food has no raw taste.

6. Cooling: for blanching, the material must be quickly cooled to the central temperature below 15 ℃, and the effective free chlorine concentration of cooling water must be maintained at 5-10ppm.

7. Draining: drain water on the oscillating machine and the height conveyor, and pick out the unqualified products at the same time.

8. Quick freezing: the freezing temperature is below - 23 ℃, the product center temperature is not higher than - 18 ℃, and the complete monomer is frozen.

9. Selection: remove debris, sundries, etc., and pick out soybeans that do not meet the quality specifications.

10. Measurement and packaging: it must be fast, timely and correct, accurately weighed according to the customer's needs, plus 2% of the insurance weight, and the seal should be straight and firm.

11. Metal detection: pass the packaged products through the metal detector to detect the products with metal foreign matters.

12. Outer packaging: the inner bag packaging should be put into the carton quickly, smoothly and correctly, and the outer carton printing should be correctly printed at the position to be printed without ambiguity.

13. Cold storage: the warehouse shall be put into storage quickly, once every 20 boxes to prevent product warming. The cold storage temperature shall be below - 18 ℃ and the storage shall be ≤ 2 years.

14. Shipment: refrigerated containers, refrigerated vehicles and insulated vehicles shall be used for shipment, and the temperature rise shall not exceed 2 ℃.

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