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Frozen green peas

2021-09-06 13:54:12
Frozen green peas

(1) Process flow

Raw material acceptance → peeling beans → grading → soaking in brine → rinsing → picking beans → blanching → cooling → draining → freezing → packaging → frozen storage.

(2) Key points of operation

White flower varieties shall be selected as raw materials, and the beans shall be fresh, tender, full, uniform, bright green and consistent in color. Milk ripening period should be selected for processing maturity. Too late or too early will affect the quality. Milk ripe peas have high sugar content and less starch, soft texture and sweet taste, but such a time is very short. If the harvest is delayed for days, the quality of raw materials will change, so it is necessary to grasp the appropriate harvest time and process in time

The beans shall be peeled by machine, and mechanical damage shall be avoided as far as possible.

After grading and pod removal, the beans are salted in various specifications according to their diameter. Use a sieve to grade according to the product standard, and do not confuse it.

Soak the beans in 2% salt water for about 30 minutes, which can not only remove insects, but also separate old and cooked beans. First pick up the floating peas and deal with the sinking old cooked peas as defective products. Rinse the soaked beans with running water.

Pick beans, pour the flotation rinsed beans onto the workbench, and remove the discolored beans, such as spotted beans, yellow white beans, brown beans and other beans with abnormal color. Beans with cracks and pests on the surface shall also be removed, and impurities such as broken pods and grass debris shall also be removed.

Blanching boiling water blanching for 1.5-3 minutes, turn it properly and heat it evenly. The blanching time depends on the size and maturity of the beans, and the quality and quantity should be no beany taste.

After cooling and draining, immediately put the beans into cold water or ice water for cooling, and slowly stir to accelerate cooling. After cooling, remove and drain the water.


Packaging, frozen storage and frozen storage shall be packaged according to various specifications, and the specifications of cartons and plastic bags shall be indicated. Then freeze it.

(3) The quality standard is bright green without heterochromatic beans: it has the taste and smell of this variety without peculiar smell; Fresh and tender tissue, full beans, no broken beans, no hard beans, no diseases and pests.

 Frozen  green peas

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