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Wholesale of frozen soybeans

2021-09-07 09:21:12
Wholesale of frozen soybeans

Process flow chart of quick frozen soybeans of Tangshan Hengteng Food Co., Ltd

Frozen Edamame

critical control point


Quality control parameters

Quality control parameters

Raw material acceptance

Agricultural residue rapid measuring instrument

Inhibition rate of pesticide residues ≤ 50%


Chain belt precoiler

Water temperature: 90 ℃ ~ 100 ℃, 70s-90s


Quick freezer

Precooling to - 30 ~ - 40 ℃, passing through the ice crystal formation zone within 30 minutes to reduce the central temperature of food from - 1 ℃ to - 5 ℃, the diameter of ice crystal formed is less than 100um, and the central temperature of food after quick freezing reaches below - 18 ℃

Metal detection

metal detector

Iron ≤ 2.0mm, other non-ferrous metals ≤ 2.5mm

The label

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