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Delicious quick frozen sweet corn kernels need the right steps.

2021-07-02 05:38:38

You might like fresh, sweet corn kernels? It's a pity to taste it in just a few weeks a year. However, if you understand the method of quick-frozen sweet corn kernels handed down by farmers from generation to generation, you can buy a lot of corn and enjoy fresh corn all year round. Here is how to select, prepare and then quickly freeze sweet corn kernels.

Find the right corn. After the corn is mature, farmers only need a short period of time to pick it. Of course, everyone has their own definition of when corn is too big to eat! You can tell if the corn cob has just been edible by shaking it. If the corn cob can just fill your palm and the corn whisker on the top has turned brown, it's time to pick it. If it still looks too thin, save it for another day before picking it. Put the corn in a container or a fixed point where you can see the newly harvested Booty - if you don't look, some livestock will come and take your new corn.

Clean corn - unless, of course, you're the type who doesn't care if you taste a mouthful of silky, natural corn silk stuck between your teeth. It can make your corn complete, clean and shiny without a single strand of corn. This is a very hard and difficult job. When cleaning, putting a bowl of water on the table to soak your hands will help a lot, otherwise you will work like a spider man, and everything you touch will stick. When all the corn is clean, move them into the kitchen.

There are other ways to prepare and cook corn, but many people believe that this method can provide a good taste. You have to put the corn in the water, cover it, and find some way to make the water boil. When the water boils, remove the corn and let it cool as soon as possible. When you take out one corn and put another, the new corn will cool the water a little. You need to start from scratch, so each one needs about 5-10 minutes to boil. Now we have reached the difficult part. You used to cool corn quickly. If you only cooled 10 corn, it's very simple. But how to cool 500 corn continuously? If you just put them in the water, the water will get hot and lose its ability to cool. You can put ice in the water or change the water constantly, but both methods only apply to a small amount.

The farmer's way to deal with this problem is as follows. Use the right side of the water tank to cool the hot corn just separated from the stove, and then move the slightly warm corn to the left side of the water tank until the cooling is completed. Cold water drips from the faucet into the left side of the sink. When the person cooking corn on the stove was ready to remove the corn, the agitator moved the cold corn from the left side of the sink to the next step, and then moved the lukewarm corn from the right side of the sink to the left. After the corn is cooled, cut the corn kernels from the corn cob, because the corn cob will feel very cool and easy to operate. This may be a part of the high-tech request in the whole process, which needs some exercises to complete.

Quick frozen corn. Once the corn is cut from the quick-frozen sweet corn cob, put it on a plate for good refrigeration. Cake plates are very suitable because they can spread the corn grains evenly and transfer heat well. To successfully complete this step, you need about 6-8 plates and a completely empty refrigerator. Put the plates in the freezer of an old refrigerator, and then move them from the freezer to the shelf of the freezer when you need to put new plates. Packed corn. When a plate of corn kernels is completely frozen, it is completely finished. The rest is to pack corn kernels to stop freezing. Use 1000 ml and 500 ml sealed plastic bags. You don't need to fill them completely, just a level that can be easily opened and leveled, so it's easy to store. A 1000 ml bag is enough for 4-5 people to eat a meal, while a 500 ml bag is more suitable for 2 people.

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