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frozen or diced radish wholesale

2021-09-06 14:02:57
frozen or diced radish wholesale

When making quick-frozen carrots, the following aspects should be paid attention to:

1. The material shall be drained clean, so as to prevent the remaining water on the surface from being connected to each other or bonded to the refrigeration equipment after freezing.

2. During quick freezing, the material shall not be placed too thick on the freezing plate or conveyor belt, and can be frozen quickly and evenly in a short time.

3. Quick frozen carrots should be frozen before eating, and should be eaten immediately after freezing. They should not be placed for a long time at room temperature.

4. It is necessary to blanch the quick-frozen carrot, and the blanching should be cooked. It is not allowed to be mixed and blanched excessively, otherwise its quality and flavor are not good.

Manufacturing process of quick frozen vegetables

The intention of blanching is to kill fungi and achieve the intention of anti-corrosion. Water above 40 ℃ can also inactivate biological enzymes in vegetables, and then slow down biological physiological reactions. The shorter the freezing time, the better the quality of quick-frozen vegetables.

  frozen diced carrot

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