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Frozen diced carrot

2021-09-06 14:01:48
Frozen diced carrot

The invention relates to a preparation method of quick-frozen diced carrot, which comprises the following steps:

(1) Carrot selection: choose fresh, smooth and wound free carrots;

(2) Cleaning: put the carrots into salt water to clean and drain the water for use;

(3) Trimming: remove the fine roots on the carrot surface;

(4) Segmentation: the machine cuts the carrot into 8mm and 10mm blocks to obtain diced carrot;

(5) Impurity removal: put diced carrots into the cleaning tank to wash away foreign matters and impurities;

(6) Blanching: blanching diced carrots for sterilization. The blanching solution temperature is above 98 ℃ and the blanching time is 60 ~ 80 seconds to obtain blanched diced carrots;

(7) Draining: start the vibrating draining equipment to drain the water from the blanched diced carrots. The draining time is 3 ~ 5 minutes to obtain the dried diced carrots;

(8) Quick freezing: put the dried diced carrot into the quick freezing machine for quick freezing. The quick freezing temperature is below - 25 ℃ and the quick freezing time is 10 minutes to obtain the frozen diced carrot;

 frozen diced carrot

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