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Method for quick frozen sweet corn manufacturers to refrigerate corn kernels at low temperature

2020-11-20 09:49:41

Corn is classified according to its morphology and structure. According to the presence or absence of corn husk, the shape of grain and the nature of endosperm, corn can be divided into 9 kinds. The manufacturers of quick-frozen sweet corn kernels below will tell you the specific 9 types one by one.

(1) Hard grain type: also known as flint type, it has strong adaptability, resistance to barren and early maturity. The ears are mostly conical, and the top of the grain is round, because the ectosperm is horny starch. Therefore, the appearance of the particles is transparent, shiny, hard and mostly yellow. Good taste and low yield.

(2) Horsetooth type: tall plant, water and fertilizer resistance, high yield and late maturity. The ear is cylindrical, the particles grow into flat, the two sides of the particles are horny starch, and the center and top are powdery starch. At maturity, the top powdery starch loses water and dries quickly. The degree of depression depends on starch content. The taste quality is not as good as the hard particle type.

(3) Powdery: also known as soft granular. The shape of ears and grains is similar to hard granular, but the endosperm is composed of powdery starch. The grain is milky white and matte. It is an excellent raw material for making starch and brewing.

(4) Sweet type: also known as sweet corn, with short plants and small ears. Endosperm contains a lot of sugar and water. At maturity, the seeds contract due to the evapotranspiration of water. They are mostly hard translucent horny endosperm. They are usually used as vegetables or canned food.

(5) Sweet powder type: the upper part of grain is sweet horny endosperm and the lower part is powdery endosperm, which is rare in the world.

(6) Explosion type: also known as corn and wheat, each plant has more ears, but the ears and grains are very small. The grains are round, the top is prominent, and the starch type is almost horny. When heated, the water in the starch forms steam and breaks.

(7) Wax type: also known as wax type. The motherland is my motherland with small ears. The endosperm in the grain is almost completely composed of amylopectin, which is opaque and as dark as wax. Amylopectin reacts red when it comes into contact with iodine solution. It is more sticky when eaten, so it is also called sticky corn.

(8) Flour: the grain is covered by a long flour shell, so it is named. Sometimes, there is a sunshade on the top of the shell. It has strong spontaneous sterility, developed male inflorescence, hard grain and difficult threshing.

(9) Semidentate type: between hard grain type and dentate type, the grain depth is shallower than dentate type, and there are more horny endosperm. The seed coat is thicker and the yield is higher.

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The way of low temperature cold storage and preservation of corn cobs by quick-frozen sweet corn grain manufacturers

Immediately transfer the harvested fresh corncob to the refrigerator and pre cool it within 1-2 hours. Methods include forced air cooling and ice water cooling. Forced air cooling: the temperature is 0 ~ 5 ℃, the relative humidity is 85% ~ 90%, and the wind speed is 5m / s. When the core temperature of the stacked corncob reaches 5 ℃, the cooling process completes the quick-frozen sweet corn kernel.

Cooling water circulation cooling: there are two types of water cooling: spray type and immersion type. Spray is used to spray the cold water on the products below, and the sodas pass through the refrigerator evaporator coil to reduce its temperature and can be reused. Immersion is to immerse the product in flowing cold water. The cooling system is divided into two types: continuous conveyor belt and fixed batch type. The continuous type is suitable for large precooling equipment and products requiring short cooling time. The fixed batch type is suitable for products with small quantities and products requiring a long cooling time. When immersed in cold water for cooling, preservatives shall be added to the water to prevent microbial pollution in the water.

Usually, fresh corn can be put in boxes or net bags, pre cooled in the refrigerator, and then refrigerated. After precooling, remove the slice and stem, then pack them with perforated moisture permeable film (thickness: 0.03 ~ 0.04mm), and then put them in boxes, stack them on shelves or put them in cold storage. Keep the warehouse temperature at 0-1 ℃ and relative humidity at 95% - 98% for 10-14 days. Refrigerated transport trucks can be used for long-distance transportation, while appropriate crushed ice can be added directly to the box for short-distance transportation. Usually, the package is 20kg. When the atmospheric temperature is 30 ℃ and the product temperature is 4 ℃, 4kg crushed ice can be added to keep the low temperature for 24 hours.

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