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What is quick frozen sweet corn? Quick frozen sweet corn supplier for your in-depth analysis

2020-11-20 09:49:41

Quick frozen sweet corn kernels are generally made of immature sweet corn with a moisture content of 72% - 74%.

First blanch the whole ear of corn with hot water or steam. The length of blanching time can be determined according to different varieties of corn, generally 2-10 minutes. The blanching time is too short to inactivate the enzyme and reduce the storage stability of frozen corn; If the scalding time is too long, the color and taste of corn will be reduced, and the loss of nutrients will also increase. The effect of steam treatment of corn ears is better, and the treatment time is 5-7 minutes.

Sweet corn is a kind of corn, also known as vegetable corn, Gramineae and corn genus. Sweet corn is one of the most important vegetables in Europe, America, South Korea and Japan. It is favored by consumers because of its rich nutrients, sweet, fresh, crisp and tender characteristics. in

Sweet corn has the same shape characteristics as ordinary corn, but it has richer nutrients than ordinary corn, thin seeds, fresh waxy and sweet taste. It is suitable for steaming, baking and cooking (corn porridge, corn soup, soup, etc.). Corn can also be processed and canned, and fresh ears are exported, which is deeply welcomed by consumers.

How to cook quick-frozen sweet corn kernels? Fresh corn tastes sweet and waxy, rich in nutrients, rich in folic acid and potassium, as well as various vitamins and nutrients. Eating corn often can, protect eyesight and regulate blood sugar.

There are many ways to eat corn, which can be boiled, boiled and roasted. There are tricks to cook corn. If you grasp these tricks, the cooked corn will be fragrant and sweet.

Frozen sweet corn

Quick frozen corn kernels:

When it comes to frozen corn kernels, we may all be familiar with them. We often eat pine kernel corn, canned corn, Shuanghui corn ham. The corn kernels inside are quick-frozen sweet corn kernels. Then, the food distributor will tell you what kind of corn kernels. The production process of quick-frozen corn grain manufacturers includes harvesting, peeling, de milling, selection, trimming, grading, washing and threshing, blanching, cooling, selection and rapid freezing. Quick frozen corn kernels have the following characteristics: the color appearance is light yellow or golden yellow; The shape and size of grains are uniform, there are no broken grains, and the incision is neat. No filaments, cornflakes and other soil impurities; Vacuum packaging, no frost return in the packaging; When cooking, corn kernels should have the taste and sweetness of sweet corn varieties, crisp and refreshing; 2: Then put it into cold water, cool it quickly, and add some salt at the same time.

Put the cooled and drained peas into the fresh-keeping bag, seal the mouth, and then put them into the freezer of the refrigerator. It can be kept for one year. Quick frozen mung beans sold in supermarkets are the same. Even in winter, you can eat fresh mung beans. Frozen vegetables have higher value than fresh vegetables. This is a new research achievement by British scientists.

 frozen sweet corn grain manufacturer

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