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Understand the operation points of quick-frozen sweet corn kernels

2020-11-20 09:50:18

Quick frozen sweet corn manufacturer's operation point

1. Quick frozen sweet corn raw materials

The harvest period of sweet corn is milk maturity, that is, 20 to 22 days after pollination. Pollination time is usually calculated when the female ear of corn spits out about 1 inch (3.3 cm) of filaments.

2. Acceptance of raw materials

At harvest, the wrapped leaves of sweet corn shall be turquoise. The grain is plump, the color is average, there is no positive grain, the grain size and grain arrangement are uniform, bald, lack of grain and moth phenomenon, and do not panic.

3. Strip the wire

After entering the plant, put the sweet corn in a cool place and peel it immediately. The time from corn harvest to processing shall not exceed 6 hours. If the disposal cannot be completed within 6 hours, it shall be stored in a fresh-keeping warehouse at about 0 ° C for a short time.

4. Sorting, selection and grading

First, the ears of sweet corn are too long, too tender, eat too many moths, and the seeds are very untidy. Dig out sweet corn ears with a knife and put some moths and normal corn grains on them.

5. Cleaning and threshing

As the quick-frozen corn kernels are not frozen and cleaned before eating, please wash them with running water. The depth of the threshing knife shall be adjusted according to the grade to avoid cutting the corn grain too deep or too shallow.

6. Whitening

Bleaching is a very important process in the processing of tender corn. Strictly control the temperature and time of heat.

7. Cooling

The whitened corn kernels should be cooled immediately, otherwise the residual heat will affect the quality, such as darker color, increased dry consumption, longer rapid freezing time, and provide a strong driving force for the growth of microorganisms.

8. Selection

Pick out bread crumbs, filaments, discolored grains and other foreign impurities. In order to ensure the yield and quality, improve the consumption efficiency and reduce the screening pressure before packaging, stop manual screening on the conveyor belt after cooling, so as to eliminate over cooked, burnt and broken corn grains.

9. Drainage

Drainage can remove the moisture on the surface of corn kernels and avoid excessive surface moisture during condensation to form the adhesion between ice and corn kernels, thus affecting the surface and net weight and reducing power consumption.

10. Rapid freezing is a decisive factor to ensure the yield and quality. The faster the setting speed, the better the yield and quality. On the contrary, the longer the setting time, the worse the quality. Quick frozen corn kernels should be used in fluidized bed quick freezing tunnel.

11. Selection

The concentrated corn kernels are further selected to remove defective kernels and broken kernels, which can be selected when necessary.

12. Packaging

Quick frozen sweet corn kernels shall be packaged at - 6 ° C. It is usually packed in polyethylene plastic bags and packaged into 250G / bag or 500g / bag according to demand. After packaging, seal it and mark the consumption date on the seal. After packing, send it to the refrigerator for refrigeration immediately.

13. Refrigeration

The temperature of the refrigerator shall be lower than - 18 ° C and the relative humidity shall be 95% to 98%. The temperature fluctuation limit in the cold storage shall not exceed ± 2 ℃, otherwise the temperature fluctuation will cause recrystallization and ice sublimation, increase the ice crystal in the corn tissue, damage the cell tissue and affect the yield and quality. There should be enough leisure time between chimneys to promote air circulation.

 frozen sweet corn

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