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Explain why people pay attention to quick-frozen sweet corn food

2020-11-20 09:50:18

From the perspective of quality and efficiency agriculture, improving farmers' income and producing quick-frozen vegetables is one of the important technologies to speed up the development of rural economy. Sweet corn processing has high added value and obvious economic benefits. The output value of sweet corn per 667 square meters is higher than 1500-2000 yuan. According to American accounting, the added value of sweet corn processing can reach 300% to 400%, and the conversion value is high. With the foreign trade sector, cooperation can be exported to create foreign exchange and increase foreign exchange income. After the further development of agricultural enterprises, it will constitute a benign circulation of processing. Sweet corn has entered thousands of families in Western vegetables. For example, the per capita annual consumption of fresh sweet corn in the United States is 3.2kg, freeze-dried corn is 1.2kg, and canned sweet corn is 6.1kg. Sweet corn is sensitive during the short period of growth, and then can enter the vegetable basket of urban and rural people.

According to the China Feed Processing Association, in 1994, 30% of the total eggs of pork, poultry and poultry were transformed from corn, that is, 55% of the output value of corn was used for feed. Stems and leaves are the feed for uniform corn harvest in livestock breeding industry. According to the discussion, the feeding of cow leaves can exceed more than 10% of milk production. Sweet corn preservation, shelf sales time is limited, there are large leading companies to deal with the main products of fresh food corn, and establish production, supply, supply and sales. We should vigorously support fresh food corn industrial processing enterprises, special encouragement and preferential treatment of quick-frozen sweet corn kernels, and private enterprises should invest in the processing industry; Carry out agricultural cooperative arrangements in rural areas, carry out planned and orderly agriculture, and promote the development of fresh corn industry.

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Due to the popularity of quick-frozen sweet corn kernels, people are more and more optimistic about the economic value and market prospect of corn. However, the output value of corn will be affected by various factors, so how can we expand the output value of corn and bring us great economic benefits in limited land?

1. Precautions for land selection and Cultivation

For the cultivation of sweet corn, it is necessary to select areas with more fertile soil. The growth of corn requires more fertility. At the same time, select the place close to the water source. It is necessary to have enough water during the growth of corn, but pay attention to drainage in the place with more rain to avoid flooding the corn seedlings. The correct time should be selected for corn cultivation. Because the adaptability of corn seedlings to temperature is not very strong, the sudden change of temperature will damage corn and wheat seedlings, lead to uneven growth and affect the output value of corn. If they are cultivated after spring, the growth cycle of corn will be shortened and the yield will be reduced.

2. Precautions when fertilizing and weeding corn

The manufacturers of quick-frozen sweet corn kernels advocate that we should pay attention to the difference in the fertilization of other crops when fertilizing sweet corn, that is, the corn should not only be fertilized in the process of growth, but also be fertilized once after spring ploughing and before farming. This time, in addition to chemical fertilizer, we should also apply farm fertilizer. The specific method is, Mix farm manure with chemical fertilizer and sprinkle it evenly on the cultivated land. When the height of the corn seedling is below the knee, about 40 to 50 cm, it needs to be fertilized again. At the heading stage, it needs to mix 0.5 kg of potassium dihydrogen phosphate and 1 kg of urea with 100 kg of water to spray fertilizer.

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