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Why is quick frozen sweet corn sweet? Is it genetically modified?

2020-11-20 09:50:18

Now there are many quick-frozen sweet corn kernels on the market, which are very sweet and different from ordinary quick-frozen corn kernels. So why does the quick-frozen sweet corn have a sweet taste? Tangshan CDH Food Co., Ltd. answers for you: the current quick-frozen sweet corn manufacturers are specially bred new products, which are divided into three types: sweet, waxy and sweet + waxy.

Sweet corn is divided into ordinary sweet, super sweet and enhanced sweet. The key factor affecting the sweetness of corn is in the endosperm of corn. Compared with ordinary corn, the endosperm of sweet corn contains not only, but also a relatively high content of water-soluble polysaccharides, which is why corn oil is sweet

The reason behind this is that among a series of genes controlling starch synthesis in sweet corn, one or several gene fragments have natural mutations, which are in pure and recessive state, cutting off the transformation process of local restorative sugar to starch. At present, it is the peak season for the sales of fresh corn. The fresh corn on the market is beautiful, but it is also spread on the Internet and in the market that fresh corn is a genetically modified product. During the interview, the reporter also proved that genetically modified rumors and statements have seriously affected the sales and price of fresh corn this year, and the farmers are very distressed. In response to the network and rumors raised by the reporter, Shao Linsheng said that the sweet corn planted in consumption today is not genetically modified food, but a complete hybrid species bred by conventional breeding, so please rest assured to eat.

Different kinds of corn naturally have different taste. First of all, biologically, corn kernels can be divided into three parts: assembly and how to match. The reason why corn is a sweet medicine is that it is all in the endosperm. In the process of ripening, corn also produces glucose through photocatalysis, and sends them directly to the endosperm and stores them in the form of starch. However, the starch itself does not taste sweet. We all know that ordinary corn does not taste sweet, that is, for this reason.

The difference of sweet corn is that its endosperm contains not only starch, but also a lot of water-soluble polysaccharides with relatively high content, which gives him the reason why it tastes sweet. Not only is sweet corn not a genetically modified species, but also the saint daughter fruit and purple potato and colored pepper sold in our national market are not genetically modified, so everyone is concerned about this, Relatively speaking, we can rest assured. After all, these are all painstakingly cultivated by scientists.

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