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Tips for purchasing quick frozen sweet corn kernels

2020-11-20 09:50:18

Quick frozen sweet corn is to put the pretreated sweet corn ear at a low temperature of - 30 ~ - 40 ℃ to quickly freeze the water in the cell. Under the condition of quick freezing, the diameter of ice crystal formed is less than 100 microns and evenly distributed in the whole tissue, which will not damage the cell tissue and can be stored for a long time. After thawing, there was little loss of juice in the tissue, which better maintained the original color and flavor of corn ears.

1. Process flow picking → removing bracts → cooling → grading → removing filaments → cleaning → cutting → rinsing → scalding → cooling → selection → drying and cooling → quick freezing → selection → packaging → refrigeration → inspection.

2. Key points of operation. Harvest in the early stage of milk ripening, i.e. 20 ~ 22 days after pollination. From the 18th day of pollination, the moisture content of sweet corn was measured. When the moisture content was 70% ~ 73%, it could be harvested. Packing should be handled with care. When loading, the upper basket cannot be pressed on the lower basket. Box immediately after harvest, do not stay in the field for a long time and expose to the sun, so as to keep the bracts green and not dehydrated. Remove the bracts. Remove the bracts, break off the bald tips, and remove the raw materials that are moth eaten, moldy, rotten, lack of seeds, variegated, the seeds are not closely arranged, and are too ripe and tender. It can also be soaked in salt solution with concentration of 1% ~ 1.5% for 1 ~ 5 hours to get the effects of seasoning, insect repellent and cooling. Cool. After removing the bracts, cool them in cold water at 4 ℃ for 15 ~ 20 minutes. classification. According to the whole panicle and section classification, it is required that there is no bald tip and tail, there is no moth and lack of grain as a whole, and the grains are arranged neatly and evenly. Classification by diameter: 4.5 ~ 5cm in diameter is grade I, and 3.8 ~ 4.4cm in diameter is grade II. Remove filaments and clean. Remove the filaments manually or mechanically and clean them in running water. Cut segments. The segment shall be cut with a segment cutter or a cutter. The cutter shall be operated in a flow process. The operator shall cut off the tail (thick end) by 1 ~ 2 cm, and the second operator shall cut off the tip by 3 ~ 5 cm to ensure that the incision is flat and that the grains around the knife edge are not broken. Rinse. Clean the corn ear surface in running water (fast operation), which requires no filaments, no stains, and the same size and thickness. Hot. Heating corn ears to 90 ~ 98 ℃ in boiling water or steam for 7 ~ 12 minutes can kill some microorganisms, destroy enzyme activity, discharge part of the gas in the tissue and feed brittle and damaged grains. Cool. Cool immediately after scalding, pre cool in 10 ℃ ~ 15 ℃ cold water, reduce the corn ear from 90 ℃ to 30 ℃, and then cool in 0 ℃ ~ 5 ℃ cold water to below 5 ℃. choose. After cold penetration, manually select on the conveyor belt to remove over cooked and undercooked corn and broken grains. Blow dry and cool. Blow dry the surface moisture of the corn to further cool it. Quick frozen sweet corn grain manufacturer. The fluidized bed tunnel is adopted. The air temperature in the unit is required to be - 30 ~ - 40, the air temperature is - 26 ℃ ~ - 30 ℃, the flow rate of cold air under the belt is 6 ~ 8m / s, and the freezing time of corn cob with diameter of 4.5 ~ 5cm is 8 ~ 15min (the center temperature of the cob is below - 18 ℃). choose. Further remove defective particles and broken particles. packing.

 frozen sweet corn kernels


Choose frozen sweet corn the first look at the second mock exam three grips: first, see if the appearance is strong and round, whether the color is red, dry, whether there is moth or deformation. The second mock exam is hard and solid. The granules are full and mature, and feel relatively hard. The granules are incomplete or immature, and they are generally soft. Three grilling is to open it to see if the particles are arranged neatly. Pinch it with your fingernails. The one that is not very soft and can water out is the better one, which can be cooked and eaten.

Most people's refrigeration method is to cook the sweet corn, freeze it directly in the refrigerator or freezer, and take it out when they want to eat. Some people throw raw corn directly into the refrigerator to freeze. Whether it's raw or cooked, how can sweet corn not only lose its original flavor, but also eat as much as you want and as much as you want.

Cooked jelly. After the sweet corn gets home, peel off the corn skin, remove the corn whiskers and roots, and cook it in a pot after picking it. When the corn cools, pack it separately and freeze it in the refrigerator or freezer. Quick frozen sweet corn kernels shall be peeled and silk removed. After entering the plant, waxy corn shall be peeled and processed immediately in a cool place. Stacking is strictly prohibited. If it cannot be processed within 6 hours, it must be stored in a fresh-keeping warehouse at about 0 ℃ for a short time.

frozen sweet corn kernels

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