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Technology of quick frozen sweet corn kernels from fresh corn

2021-07-02 06:02:30

Tangshan Hengteng food takes you to know the technology of fresh corn into quick-frozen sweet corn kernels

Fresh corn refers to young corn with special flavor and quality, also known as fruit corn. Corn is eaten in a variety of ways, both nutritious and delicious, and is more and more welcomed by people. However, how can we eat novel corn at any time? This paper introduces the technology of fresh corn into quick-frozen sweet corn kernels, which can deal with this problem.

Quick freezing sweet corn kernels is to put the pretreated fresh corn ears at a low temperature of - 30 ~ - 40 ℃ to freeze the water in the cells quickly. After freezing, there was little loss of juice in the arrangement, which better adhered to the original color and flavor of fresh corn ears. Storage of quick-frozen sweet corn kernels: quick-frozen sweet corn kernels are used to quickly freeze fresh corn at - 25 ℃ and refrigerate it at - 18 ℃ after packaging. This method can guarantee the quality for half a year and is an effective way to prolong the supply period of fresh corn. Basic process flow: raw materials → removing bracts and whiskers → selection → blanching → cooling → quick freezing → packaging → refrigeration (- 18 ℃). The detailed method is to remove the bracts and whiskers of the fresh corn ears, select the insect free fruit ears for blanching, and boil them in boiling water for 8 minutes (50 ‰ salt and 2.5 ‰ citric acid can be added in the blanching water, so that the flavor and color are good), then cool them quickly (cool them with ice water or normal temperature water) to drain the water, put them into - 25 ℃ and stop quick freezing. The freezing time is suitable for the whole corn ears. Then seal with composite film packaging (single ear packaging or 2-3 ear packaging) and store it under - 18 ℃. The shelf life of this method can reach half a year. If long-term storage is not required, the plan will be put on sale within 3-4 months. Considering from the perspective of consumption cost, the blanching procedure can be omitted, and the quick-frozen storage can be stopped directly. When eating, it can be boiled with boiling water for 20 minutes.

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Quick frozen sweet corn kernels

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