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Modern quick-frozen sweet corn meets the needs of corn lovers

2021-07-02 06:06:21

After the golden period of corn, what if you still want fresh corn?

In our company, a colleague's daughter loves corn very much. In order to meet his daughter, he thought of a way. Just like storing grain before hibernation, cook the bought corn. After the hot corn naturally cools down, put it in the refrigerator and freeze it. When you want to eat it, turn it in the microwave. The taste is the same as that of novel corn. Quick frozen sweet corn manufacturers can deal with this problem. When I was a child, my mother also theorized about this method. I live in the north for hours, and only cabbage and tofu in winter. In order to eat green vegetables in winter, every summer, my mother has to stop a huge project, that is, wash, steam and naturally dry vegetables such as beans and eggplant, and then distribute a small bag of ice in the freezing layer. In this way, even if there is heavy snow outside the window, my dinner table is as vivid as summer.

So why can this method ensure the freshness of food?

Some people say that for corn, this can isolate the air, and the sweetness of corn is not easy to reduce. Moreover, after cooking and then freezing, the original waxy taste will not be lost. In addition, it is placed in the freezing layer of the refrigerator, and the temperature is low, which also reduces the possibility of invasion of exogenous bacteria.

But the quick-frozen sweet corn in the fridge is different from that just cooked. If you put it too long, the moisture in the quick-frozen sweet corn will be reduced, and then take it out to eat. There will be some frozen taste left in the quick-frozen sweet corn.

Therefore, while corn is still in the "golden period", those who like corn may as well eat more, so that they can eat it in a different trick.

For example, if you think the taste of corn boiled with water is too weak, you can try to cook it with milk. Boil over high heat and simmer over low heat for half an hour until the milk aroma and corn aroma blend seamlessly. If you take another bite, you will feel more aftertaste. You can also go to the vegetable market to buy peeled corn kernels, cook the corn kernels, mix them with green beans and make a salad; You can also use a juicer to squeeze corn juice.

The quick-frozen sweet corn of Tangshan Hengteng Food Co., Ltd. is more nutritious and delicious than the usual practice. You can also wholesale the quick-frozen sweet corn. You are welcome to buy it.

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