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Tangshan Hengteng food tells you the characteristics of quick-frozen sweet corn

2021-07-02 06:10:47

Tangshan Hengteng food wholesale quick-frozen sweet corn manufacturer will carefully communicate the storage demand, application demand and other practical conditions when designing and establishing a cold storage for refrigerated food. This is because the cold storage environment required by different quick-frozen sweet corn is different, and the ability can be customized on demand to ensure that the quick-frozen sweet corn can be kept fresh and fit the application process at the same time. Refrigerated disposal usually reduces the food temperature, so as to freeze the water contained in quick-frozen sweet corn, dehydrate or reduce the food temperature to about 0 ℃. The wholesale quick-frozen sweet corn manufacturers are different from the quick-frozen sweet corn treated by refrigeration. The cold storage is mainly divided into cooling treatment and freezing treatment. Cooling disposal refers to reducing the temperature of the food to be disposed to 4 ~ 0 ℃ and grabbing the heat of the food during the cooling process; Frozen disposal refers to freezing the whole food to be disposed, quickly freezing most of the water and juice in the food in a very short time, and quickly reducing the temperature of quick-frozen sweet corn to - 18 ℃ and below.

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