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How to ensure the quality and safety of the quick-frozen sweet corn we buy

2021-07-02 06:25:15

In fact, most normal quick-frozen sweet corn manufacturers will have production technology and hardware equipment. Of course, in addition to these hard conditions, they also need a high-level chef team. After processing, the manufacturer will use equipment to instantly freeze vegetables from inside to outside. Of course, in order to ensure health, special food sterilization technologies, such as pasteurization, will be used to stop unified sterilization before packaging.

After the quick-frozen sweet corn is packaged, it can be frozen for storage. Some consumers may worry that some preservatives will be added to the food for preservation. However, the quick-frozen sweet corn will not be added. Because it is frozen for storage, there is no need to add preservatives, and its shelf life can reach ten months under the condition of frozen storage.

Of course, the above needs technology and equipment. Ordinary small workshops can do it unconditionally. Therefore, when choosing quick-frozen sweet corn manufacturers, they should choose regular production enterprises with licenses and hygiene licenses, so as to ensure the safety of cooking packages.

Requirements for quick-frozen corn raw materials: sweet corn, white waxy corn, purple waxy corn, fragrant waxy corn, etc. can be used as corn types. The harvest period of sweet corn is milk ripening period, that is, 20 ~ 22 days after pollination. Generally, the pollination time is calculated when the female ear of corn spits out about 1 inch (3.3 cm). The water content of corn grain at the time of harvest should be 70% ~ 73%. At this time, sweet corn has good taste and flavor. The harvest time of waxy corn is about 5 days later than that of sweet corn, i.e. 25 ~ 28 days after pollination.

Due to climate or poor management, the maturity of corn may not be different, so it is required to harvest in batches and stages. The corn cob shall be directly put into the basket or pocket after being broken, and shall not be still on the ground. In addition, pay attention to light loading and unloading during loading, unloading and transportation. Moreover, the corn bracts should be green, there should be no moth holes on the surface, and the grains should be arranged evenly and plump.

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