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Will the quick-frozen sweet corn we often eat taste less than fresh corn?

2021-07-02 06:34:28

The quick-frozen sweet corn of Tangshan Hengteng food is sweet and sticky. The peel is tender and delicious. It contains crude fiber that can be absorbed by the human body. The taste is rich in common fragrance, tender, sweet and sticky.

Quick frozen sweet corn is a kind of sweet sticky corn harvested in kenqing season, processed and manufactured into quick-frozen sweet sticky corn through peeling, cleaning, mildew removal, cooking, quick freezing, packaging and other processing processes, so as to preserve the good quality of the original green corn. The product is nutritious, sweet and sticky, with tender peel and delicious taste. It contains crude fiber, protein, vitamin C that can be absorbed by the human body, as well as a variety of amino acids and calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, potassium and other elements required by the human body.

It has been seven years since China began to implement the temporary reserve purchase policy in 2008. Except that the purchase and storage quantity was regulated in 2008, there was no upper limit at other times. According to the data in the figure below, there is a large gap in the purchase volume of temporary storage corn in each year, and the purchase price of temporary storage corn also increased. The purchase price of temporary storage corn in 2012-2013 reached the high point in recent years, which was 2100-2240 yuan / ton. The improvement of corn price also boosted the purchase of corn, which directly led to the huge inventory of corn. In 2012-2013, the temporary storage corn purchased a total of 30.83 million tons of corn, plus 70.1 million tons in this year, and the carry forward inventory of temporary storage corn from 2007-2008 to 2011-2012. At present, the temporary storage corn inventory exceeds 100 million tons. The total output of corn in 2014 was only 220 million tons, and the number of temporary storage corn accounted for 50% of the total output.

Quick freezing is to place the pretreated sweet corn ear at a low temperature of - 30 ~ - 40 ℃ to quickly freeze the water in the cell. After freezing, there was little loss of juice in the tissue, which better adhered to the original color and flavor of fresh corn ears.

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