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Do you know how to squeeze corn juice from quick-frozen sweet corn kernels?

2021-07-05 12:54:34

Take out the quick-frozen sweet corn kernels from the refrigerator, freeze and squeeze them.

The manufacturing method of fresh squeezed quick-frozen sweet corn juice is very simple. Hengteng food will show you in detail, but pay attention to the following points:

1. Quick frozen sweet corn kernels should be selected for corn, so the squeezed corn juice is very fragrant.

2. Quick frozen sweet corn or quick frozen sweet corn kernels are boiled in water for 10 minutes. This is very important. The corn should be cooked so that the squeezed corn juice is thick, rather than the feeling of slag water. It tastes much better than the juice squeezed from raw corn.

3. Use the old-fashioned soybean milk machine. Now the best-selling soybean milk machine in the market is Jiuyang's soybean milk machine which is heated while juicing. I also used this machine to squeeze corn juice a few times ago. The result is not satisfactory and the juice is not thick.

4. Fill a cup with quick-frozen sweet corn kernels, and then pour in mineral water. The water level can cover the corn grain. If you don't like thick, you can add more water.

5. When you're ready, you can open the press.

Supplementary clarification:

Quick frozen sweet corn kernels are different from old corn and waxy corn. They have greater water content and taste crisp, sweet and tender. When choosing, you can squeeze the corn kernels quietly with your fingernails. If there is obvious juice exudation in the kernels, it is both quick-frozen sweet corn kernels.

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