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Research progress of wholesale quick frozen sweet corn

2021-07-05 01:09:35

Tangshan Hengteng Food Co., Ltd. takes you to know the research progress of wholesale quick-frozen sweet corn technology

Quick frozen sweet corn is more and more popular with the public, and the product quality of wholesale quick frozen sweet corn is directly related to all links of consumption and processing process. Therefore, it is necessary to stop quality control from raw material quality, pre freezing disposal, quick freezing process to post freezing packaging, storage and transportation. In 1958, Assad and others in the United States put forward the concepts of time, temperature and storage tolerance limit of frozen food quality assurance. Then Zor of the United States added that the quality of frozen food also depends on raw materials (product), pre freezing disposal, rapid freezing processing, packaging and other elements, that is, p.p.p theory, which has important guiding significance for the consumption of low-temperature food industry.

The quality of raw materials is an important factor related to the quality of quick-frozen sweet corn fruit and vegetable products. The variety and quality of quick-frozen fruits and vegetables directly affect the quality of quick-frozen fruits and vegetables.

Ordinary and suitable quick-frozen fruits and vegetables should have prominent flavor and color, good storage resistance, solid texture, appropriate maturity and other characteristics. In actual production, fruit and vegetable varieties with good processing compliance should be selected for quick-frozen processing. In recent years, researchers have done a lot of research on the compliance of quick-frozen processing of different fruit and vegetable varieties. Deng Jiehong et al. (2006) conducted experiments on the application of traditional quick-frozen raw materials, selected young ginger with high water content as raw materials for quick-frozen processing, and discussed its quick-frozen technology.

Qin Dan et al. Studied the whole fruit quick freezing process of taro and found that it has good processing compliance. This research breaks through the restrictions on the shape and size of raw materials in the processing of traditional taro balls, and reduces the loss of raw materials. Red raspberry fruit is a kind of berry with low mechanical resistance and poor compliance in quick-frozen processing. Antonio (2003) discussed and confirmed the applicable parameters such as precooling time, freezing process and critical storage temperature in the quick-frozen processing of five kinds of red raspberry fruits, and also achieved a lot of results in developing new types of quick-frozen fruits and vegetables. At present, the research mainly focuses on the development of new quick-frozen fruits and vegetables [7 ~ 9] such as edible cactus, medlar fresh fruit and polyploid dandelion, and the quick-frozen technology of local characteristic fruits and vegetables [10 ~ 12] such as Wuta vegetable, burdock, Mongolian crow onion and so on. These studies not only enrich the types of quick-frozen fruits and vegetables, but also meet the needs of market consumers.

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