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How to boil and blossom the quick-frozen sweet corn kernels bought home?

2021-07-05 02:34:06

Generally, put cold water first, put in the quick-frozen sweet corn kernels, and wait for the water to boil and change the fire for 20-25 minutes.

Corn, formerly known as maize, alias: Luogu · Bangzi, Baogu, Zizania latifolia, bract rice, pearl rice, bract reed, big millet, Chaoshan dialect: youmeiren, English Name: corn, Latin name: Zea mays L. an annual tall herb of Gramineae and maize. Culms erect, usually unbranched, with aerial strut roots at each basal node. Leaf sheath with transverse veins; Ligule membranous, about 0.2 m long; The leaf blade is flat and broad, linear lanceolate, round at the base, ear shaped, glabrous or defective pilose, slightly rough at the edge, about 1 ~ 1.5m long. Caryopsis is spherical or oblate. After maturity, it appears outside glumes and lemma. Its size varies with different growth conditions. It is cultivated all over China. It is widely planted in tropical and temperate regions all over the world and is an important grain. It tastes sweet and can be used for all kinds of dishes, such as corn roasting.

1. Quick frozen sweet corn kernels are kept fresh in cold storage

Quick freezing is to put the pretreated sweet corn ear at a low temperature of - 40 ~ - 30 ℃ to quickly freeze the water in the cell. Under the condition of quick freezing, the diameter of the ice crystal is less than 100 microns, and is evenly distributed in the whole tissue without damaging the cell tissue, so it can be stored for a long time. After freezing, there was little loss of juice in the tissue, which better adhered to the original color and flavor of fresh corn ears.

2. Frozen sweet corn kernels

The sweet corn pre cooled to 4.4 ℃ stored at 0 ℃ for 6 ~ 8 days still has satisfactory cooking quality; If stored at 4.4 ℃, the fresh-keeping period will be shortened by 3 ~ 5 days. If the storage temperature is lower than 4.4 ℃ and there is sufficient water attachment, the bracts of sweet corn should be preserved; If there is no sufficient water attachment, the bracts will absorb the water in the seeds, making them uneven and reducing the quality, so the bracts should be removed. If sweet corn is packed with polyethylene shrink film and polyethylene bag, the bag can adhere to high humidity, which can better adhere to the novelty of sweet corn. Stored for half a month after packaging, the ear core with bracts decayed 4 ~ 5 days earlier than that without bracts, and the sugar content was 0.5% lower than that without bracts.

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