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Why does the quick-frozen sweet corn stored in the cold storage have a musty smell?

2021-07-05 02:40:14

That's because the ambient temperature and humidity are wrong, or the stacking is not ventilated, or the refrigeration effect of the cold storage is unstable, or the quality of corn is a little bad before warehousing and storage.

Because there is little crude fiber in corn, only 2%; The nitrogen free extract was up to 72%, and the digestibility was up to 90%; On the other hand, the crude fat content of corn is high, ranging from 3.5% to 4.5%. Corn is an annual gramineous plant, also known as bract, lollipop, Liugu, etc. According to the research and determination, every 100g of corn contains 106 kcal of heat, 2.9g of cellulose, 4.0g of protein, 1.2g of fat, 22.8g of carbohydrates, mineral elements and vitamins. The crude fiber contained in corn is 4-10 times higher than refined rice and refined flour.

Corn can be boiled instead of tea, or crushed into corn flour, corn cake, etc. If necessary, please feel free to contact Tangshan Hengteng Food Co., Ltd.

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