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Hengteng food tells you the packaging requirements of quick-frozen sweet corn kernels

2021-07-05 02:55:15

Tangshan Hengteng Food Co., Ltd. reminds you that the quick-frozen sweet corn kernels should be packaged at - 6 ℃. Ordinary are packed in polyethylene plastic bags, which can be packed into 250G / bag or 500g / bag according to the demand. Seal after packaging, and print the consumption date on the seal at the same time. After packing, send it to the refrigerator for refrigeration immediately. Cold storage: the temperature of the cold storage is required to be below - 18 ℃ and the relative humidity is 95-98%. The temperature fluctuation range in the cold storage shall not exceed ± 2 ℃. When stacking, enough space shall be reserved between stacks to facilitate air circulation and average stability of storage temperature.

Quality specifications sensory indicators.

Color: light yellow or golden yellow; Shape: average grain size, no broken grain, uniform incision; Impurities: no filaments, bracts and other impurities; There is no frost return in the package;

Taste and taste: after boiling for 3-5 minutes, it should have the unique taste and sweetness of the sweet corn, crisp and refreshing.

Maize types can be improved by inbred line hybridization. Corn is used as feed, food and industrial raw materials. As the main food in many regions, corn has low gluten and is not suitable for making bread.

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