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This paper briefly describes the key points of management technology of sowing date of quick-frozen sweet corn

2021-07-05 02:45:04

Now quick frozen sweet corn is a storage method of corn. Quick frozen sweet corn has high sugar content and rich nutrition. It is mostly used to consume canned food and has high planting value. In order to ensure the successful planting, stable and high yield of sweet corn, it is fundamental to do a good job in the management of sweet corn sowing date. The key points of management technology of quick-frozen sweet corn sowing date are introduced as follows.

1、 Isolation planting

In order to ensure the edible quality of quick-frozen sweet corn, it should be different from other kinds when planting. Space distance and time distance are used, but space distance is better. First, it is requested that no other corn species be planted within 300-400M from the periphery of the planting area. If there are barriers such as mountain forests and hills, the isolation interval can be appropriately shortened. Second, time distance. If the empty distance cannot be stopped, the method of staggering the sowing date should be adopted to prevent meeting the flowering date of other species. The distance between the sowing dates of two different species is generally 20-25 days. If sweet corn is planted in a large area, the isolation specification can be appropriately reduced.

2、 Precision land preparation

Because the seeds of quick-frozen sweet corn (especially super sweet corn) are usually shriveled and small. Germination, soil arching and seedling emergence are more difficult than ordinary corn seeds, so it is necessary to prepare the soil precisely. When planting, the plots with loose soil, fertile soil and convenient drainage and irrigation shall be selected. After the previous crops are harvested, plough 20-30cm in time, separate ploughing and apply sufficient base fertilizer. Generally, 1000-1500kg organic fertilizer, 30-40kg calcium superphosphate, 20kg potassium sulfate and 1-1.5kg zinc sulfate can be applied per mu. Where conditions permit, seedling transplanting can be used to stop planting.

3、 Staged precision sowing

Planting sweet corn is mainly to sell fresh fruit ears in the market or supply canned food to processing plants, which is completely different from planting ordinary corn. At the same time, sweet corn can not be stored for a long time after harvest. Therefore, planting sweet corn should stop sowing by stages according to the market demand and the processing ability of the factory, and match the types of early, medium and late ripening, so as to improve economic benefits. When sowing, 3-4 seeds per hole shall be covered with soil in time after sowing. The sowing depth is slightly shallower than that of ordinary corn, and the ordinary soil covering is about 4cm.

4、 Reasonable close planting

The planting density depends on the species characteristics, soil fertility, sowing date and planting method. At the same time, pay attention to the commercial performance of ears. In ordinary medium fertility soil, 3500-4000 plants per mu are appropriate, the early maturing species can be densely planted, 4000-5000 plants per mu, and the late maturing species can be sparse, 3000-3500 plants per mu.

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