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Hengteng food reminds you to wholesale quick-frozen sweet corn and be cautious in harvesting raw materials

2021-07-05 02:50:45

Wholesale quick-frozen sweet corn manufacturers can select super sweet corn and enhanced sweet corn varieties when processing quick-frozen sweet corn kernels. The main varieties are Migo, crisp king and Huazhen.

Wholesale quick-frozen sweet corn manufacturers timely harvest the processing technology of quick-frozen sweet corn kernels: the harvest period of sweet corn is milk ripening period, that is, about 20 days after pollination. Harvest specification: the corn leaves are dark green, the wrapped leaves are green, and the filaments wither into tea brown; The grain is plump, the color is yellow or light yellow, the color is average, the size is different, the arrangement is uniform, there is no positive color grain, bald tip, lack of grain and moth, and the endosperm is thin and milky. Operation requirements: harvest with bracts, operate carefully, handle gently, and prevent sunlight, heavy pressure, collision, etc. It is requested to send it to the factory for processing in time within 2 hours after harvest.

Peel and remove filaments: after entering the plant, sweet corn shall be scattered in a cool place and peeled immediately. The time from harvest to processing shall not exceed 6 hours. If the processing cannot be completed in time within this time, it must be put into a fresh-keeping cold storage at about 0 ℃ for short-term storage. The sweet corn bracts should be peeled manually, and then the filaments should be removed. Try to keep clean and hygienic. All operations should be light, without deformation, damage and discoloration. After stripping, put it into a special food basket.

Selection, trimming and grading: first, remove the sweet corn ears that are too old, too tender, too moth eaten, extremely uneven grains and seriously damaged and deformed. Dig out the sweet corn ears with a small amount of moth eaten, positive colored and damaged deformed grains with a knife. Then, according to the corn ear diameter classification, 2-3 grades can be distributed according to different corn types, and the diameter difference between grades is set at about 5mm, which can prevent inaccurate or excessive cutting during threshing.

Cleaning and threshing: wash the graded corn ears with movable water and thresh with a special corn granulator. Adjust the knife edge on the pelletizer so that the knife edge just touches the corn cob.

Blanching: the corn kernels after threshing shall be blanched immediately, which can be carried out with boiling water or steam. Boiling water blanching ordinary multi-purpose sandwich pot, steam blanching can be stopped by steam truck. The heating temperature is 95 ℃ to 100 ℃, and the blanching time is about 5 minutes.

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Wholesale quick frozen sweet corn

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