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What should we pay attention to when choosing quick-frozen corn cobs?

2020-11-20 09:49:09

Tangshan Hengteng food takes you to know what problems you need to pay attention to when choosing quick-frozen corn cobs?

1. Pay attention to the storage conditions of the sales store. Quick frozen corn cobs need to be kept under - 18 ℃. If there is no freezer in the sales store or the freezing temperature of the freezer cannot reach - 18 ℃, the product quality cannot be guaranteed and should not be purchased.

2. Purchase packaging products as much as possible. At present, some stores sell frozen food in bulk. Although the price of these foods is relatively low, they are easy to be polluted and do not meet the requirements of food hygiene. Therefore, do not buy bulk frozen foods as much as possible.

3. Pay attention to product packaging. Select the products with intact packaging and no binding, damage and deformation of the products in the packaging bag. There shall be no or only a small amount of ice chips in the packaging bag. If there are more ice chips in the bag, it may be formed after the product is frozen. Do not buy frozen or frozen food. The quality of this food has been affected.

4. Pay attention to the product label. In addition to the conventional product title, consumer enterprise and address, consumption date and shelf life, net content, ingredient list and other requirements, the label of quick-frozen corn cob shall also indicate the storage conditions, raw, cooked and edible methods. If it is a product containing stuffing, the stuffing content shall also be indicated. Consumers can buy cheap and high-quality quick-frozen food by comparing the contents on the label.

5. Quick frozen food should be taken at the end of each purchase. If it is not eaten immediately, it should be put into the freezer of the refrigerator as soon as possible, so as not to separate the freezing chain for too long and affect the product quality.

6. Do not freeze the frozen quick-frozen food again, as the taste of the food will not be as good as before.

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